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8 Best Practices for Social Media Images

Photos add the most value to your social media content marketing strategy. They consistently get the most shares on Facebook over text, links and video (though video engagement has risen with the auto-play settings on Facebook and Twitter).  To make sure you’re sharing images with the greatest potential,

Why Your Franchise Location Needs Social Media

As a franchisee, you likely have at least a vague idea of the importance of social media to your business. That is to say, you keep hearing that you need to be on social media. But can you succinctly explain why, how, where and when?

Social Media and the Importance of Immeasurable Value

ROI. Everyone’s looking for it. It’s a short leap from being able to track engagement online to asking how it will help your business. Through the power of the internet, the ability to monitor and analyze data from marketing efforts has never been greater. We

Top 5 Small-Business Social Media Mistakes

It starts off innocently enough. Let’s say you have a brand-new coffee shop, and you are super proud of it, as you should be. You know you need a Facebook page to promote it, so away you go, setting up your business page and inviting

How to Be a Hashtag Expert

Whether you’ve been watching the news, looking at a billboard or gone to a tech-friendly wedding, you’ve probably seen a hashtag being promoted. Calling for you to use them, people, organizations and businesses have rallied around hashtags as a way to draw attention, discuss a

31 Days of Social Media Ideas: Days 16 to 31

Did you catch last week’s post featuring 15 days’ worth of social media content ideas? If not, give it a quick read, and then round out your month with today’s post. Let’s jump right in! Day 16: Post a poll. It doesn’t have to be

Stop Being Afraid: Social Media Isn’t Scary

New things frighten us. They’re weird and complicated, and they can loom overwhelmingly above us when we think about them. But we can get through our fear when we remember that things are always changing and we’ll always need to adapt to something new. Especially

31 Days of Social Media Ideas: Days 1 to 15

You might already know that it’s important to publish new content regularly on social media. What might not be quite so clear? Knowing what to publish. If you’re running low on ideas for your content calendar, this two-part blog series should help you get the creative