Should You Outsource Your Small-Business Social Media? 4 Compelling Reasons It Makes Sense

With the recent launch of Rallio Local for Small Business here at Rallio, we’ve had a few questions come up about outsourcing small-business social media. 

It’s not an unusual question by any means. Most small businesses’ social media needs are greater than their resources. After researching their options, many entrepreneurs decide that outsourcing their small-business social media makes sense.

How so, you wonder? We’re glad you asked.

#1: You Can Lean on Experts

Here at Rallio, we’re on social media all day, every day. We live, breathe, eat and sleep social media. That’s because it’s our business to do so — just as it’s your business to live, breathe, eat and sleep your own business.

So if you’re busy running your own business, it’s likely that you don’t have the time to manage your social media. You also might not particularly want to manage this task, much less become an expert in it.

That’s all OK, because when you outsource, you can hire people who are experts in social media like Rallio. You don’t have to waste time or resources on something that draws you away from your core functions as a business owner.

Rallio, an Entrepreneur Top Franchise Supplier and an fastest-growing company, has earned nationwide recognition for its service of the franchise sector, from corporate down to the franchisee level. With its new Rallio Local for Small Business division, Rallio will also be able to lend its expertise to small businesses that are independently owned and operated.

“Rallio has become the trusted provider of choice for thousands of franchise operators by offering best-in-class social media solutions and top-notch customer service for our clients,” says Chuck Goetschel, CEO of Rallio. “With our new Rallio Local for Small Business division, we are now able to further translate this experience and expertise into serving the local bakery, barber shop, restaurant, dentist, tire shop and other types of small businesses in all different verticals.”

#2: You Can Access Top Technology

Rallio’s solutions include a social media management platform where users can access and manage all their social media accounts, in one central dashboard with a single login. Along with a mobile app, the platform enables clients to upload and schedule content, implement employee advocacy programs, reply to comments, messages and reviews, and much more.

Basically, Rallio makes small-business social media management a much smoother, easier process. Rather than having to log in to multiple platforms with different logins, you can simply log in to your Rallio Dashboard. 

You’ll also avoid letting anything slip through the cracks like a negative customer review or an important sales lead. Everything will be in your inbox to review and respond to.

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#3: You Get the Service and Support You Need

In addition to Rallio technology, the Rallio Local for Small Business program includes social media services for busy entrepreneurs. Clients are paired with their very own Social Media Strategist who manages the entire small-business social media process — from posting and boosting local content to interacting with the page’s community and even responding to online reviews.

Our team will do the heavy lifting for your small-business social media needs. Don’t know what to post? We do. Don’t have time to respond to your reviews? We do. Can’t figure out boosting? We have the formula for your success. 

All of these factors make Rallio Local for Small Business an essential component to your overall marketing program, especially during the pandemic.

“This program is a must for small-business owners as they continue to address the ongoing pandemic,” adds Goetschel. “With social media usage at an all-time high and businesses having to pivot to meet COVID-related demands, having Rallio in their corner is going to be invaluable. Businesses simply can’t afford to ignore social media as part of their overall marketing strategy. Outsourcing the work saves them time and is much more cost-effective than trying to take the work in-house or do it themselves.”

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#4: You Could Get Free Services

As part of the Rallio Local for Small Business program’s rollout, Rallio will be offering referral incentives to small businesses. New clients have the opportunity to get one month of free small-business social media services when they refer another small business to Rallio. To qualify, both businesses must commit to three months of service. Email to inquire about the referral program.

In addition, Rallio will be hosting an ongoing social media contest to give away one month of free service to three lucky small-business owners. Here are the rules and entry requirements:

  • Visit Rallio’s Instagram and Facebook pages (@rallio).
  • Look for the post with the hashtag #RallioLocalSmallBusiness.
  • Tag another business on the post.
  • Each time you tag a business, you earn one entry in the contest.

Three lucky winners will be announced on Sept. 30. (Future contests will be announced at a later date.) Note: To enter, you must be an independent business owner. Tagged businesses may also enter by tagging other businesses.

Let Us Handle Your Small-Business Social Media

Our Rallio Local for Small Business division is an extension of our existing social media management and marketing solutions. As a top-ranked provider of social media technology, employee advocacy and local social media services, we’re thrilled to be offering our all-in-one social media solutions to small, independently owned businesses.

If you’re ready to outsource your small-business social media and focus on other parts of your business, contact, and visit or

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About Rallio

Rallio is a powerful SaaS combining social media technology, creative services and employee advocacy. As the supplier of choice for franchise organizations and small businesses, Rallio enables brands to manage their entire social media presence, online reputation and online directory listings in one dashboard for all locations. Business owners can either take charge on their own, with easy-to-use desktop and mobile technology, or recruit the help of Rallio’s in-house agency. Rallio’s motley crew of social media strategists, brand managers, designers, producers, writers, engineers, geeks, freaks, change-makers and born leaders helps businesses ditch boring content forever and light up their social media pages.

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