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Small-business owner social media

The Truth About Social Media for Small-Business Owners

Becoming a small-business owner is a bit like skydiving. When you jump out of a perfectly good airplane and free-fall with the hope that your parachute deploys, you’re taking a huge risk, obviously.  The same is true when you make the conscious choice to step

Now hiring: social media recruiting strategies

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Recruiting

With many businesses reopening around the country, there may be an increased need for new hires. Social media recruiting is one of the best ways to find the talent you need and streamline the hiring process. If you’re looking to fill any vacant spots on


The 6 Most Important Social Media Metrics to Track for ROI

As a business owner, you deserve to know the return on investment from your marketing efforts — including money spent on social media marketing. You also deserve to understand the complexities of social media metrics and ROI.  We’ve coached thousands of business owners on social