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Small-business technology with Rallio

Small-Business Technology Roundup: How Rallio Can Help You Run Smarter

Technology has changed the way companies conduct themselves today, allowing for greater efficiency and fewer headaches in all areas of business. One of the fastest-growing areas of technology is digital marketing, something that all businesses need to familiarize themselves with in order to succeed. Rallio’s

Culture of Employee Advocacy

How to Create a Culture of Employee Advocacy

You may have seen some of our recent articles on employee advocacy and how it can transform your team members into brand ambassadors. When implemented effectively, employee advocacy is, indeed, an effective way to spread brand awareness and broaden your impact on social media. Before

top 5 social media tips

Top 5 Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

With our recent addition of Rallio Local for Small Business division at Rallio, we’ve been working with small businesses to help them optimize their social media pages. More often than not, we offer the same social media tips for small businesses over and over again.

4 types of content

The 4 Types of Content Your Employees Should Post for You

One of the fastest-growing trends in social media is employee advocacy, in which employees become loyal ambassadors for your brand. With more and more companies adopting employee advocacy programs, you might be wondering what types of content your employees should be posting for you. Of

4 types of social media influencers

4 Types of Social Media Influencers to Power Up Your Brand

The concept behind social media influencers isn’t exactly new, as brands have long used influential figures to promote their products. Look back into the previous century, and you’ll see Coco Chanel as one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people, or even Santa back in

3 ways to get your social media content ignored

3 Surefire Ways to Get Your Social Media Content Ignored 

Typically here at Rallio, our blog content focuses on practical tips and strategies you can use to amplify your social media presence. Every so often, we get the urge to knock down the guardrails of traditional content and throw a little parody post your way.