Case Study: How Business Alliance, Inc. Boosted Their Social Media Presence with Rallio’s Corporate Content Proposal

Business Alliance, Inc. (BAI), also known as the Great American Franchise Resource, has been a prominent Franchise Opportunity Brokerage firm in the U.S. since 1991. With a commitment to excellence and integrity, BAI connects aspiring business owners with high-quality franchise opportunities across various industries through a nationwide network of over 250 Registered Franchise Consultants.


Despite their longstanding success, BAI recognized the need for a more robust and industry-focused corporate content strategy for their brokers. They aimed to elevate their online presence, engage their audience effectively, and provide valuable insights into the franchise industry.


In addressing their content strategy needs, BAI turned to Rallio, a leading platform that provided a corporate content proposal for social media. Rallio’s tailored approach aligned seamlessly with BAI’s goal of positioning their brokers as thought leaders in the industry, staying current with the latest developments in the franchises they represented.

Rallio’s corporate content proposal offered a comprehensive solution, combining curated content, industry insights, and a strategic posting schedule. This allowed BAI’s brokers to maintain an active and influential presence on social media platforms, fostering engagement with their audience.


The impact of implementing Rallio’s corporate content proposal was evident in the substantial growth of BAI’s social media metrics over the course of a year.

Before Rallio (January 2022 – December 2022):

  • Followers: 12.2k
  • Avg Daily Post Engagements: 19 per day
  • Published Posts: 5,065

After Rallio (January 2023 – December 2023):

  • Followers: 20.4k (67.2% growth)
  • Avg Daily Post Engagements: 34 per day (78.9% growth)
  • Published Posts: 6,651 (31.4% growth)

Key Takeaways:

  1. Increased Follower Count: BAI experienced a substantial growth of 8.2k followers, representing a remarkable 67.2% increase. This surge indicates improved brand awareness and a growing audience interested in BAI’s franchise offerings.
  2. Enhanced Engagement: The average daily post engagements increased by 15 engagements per day, showcasing a significant 78.9% growth. This highlights the effectiveness of Rallio’s content strategy in capturing and maintaining audience attention.
  3. Expanded Content Output: The number of published posts increased significantly by 1,586, demonstrating a noteworthy 31.4% growth. This showcases the scalability and efficiency of Rallio’s corporate content proposal in supporting a consistent and impactful online presence for BAI’s brokers.


In conclusion, the collaboration between Business Alliance, Inc. (BAI) and Rallio has been transformative for BAI’s social media strategy. Recognizing the need for a dynamic corporate content approach, BAI’s partnership with Rallio resulted in substantial follower growth, a doubled daily post engagement, and a significant increase in published posts. This success underscores the efficacy of Rallio’s strategy, positioning BAI’s brokers as industry thought leaders and expanding their online community. This case study exemplifies the vital role of a strategic content strategy in the digital age, emphasizing the potential for businesses to elevate their online presence and establish themselves as leaders. BAI’s partnership with Rallio sets a precedent for leveraging social media as a powerful tool for growth, providing valuable insights for businesses aiming not just for numerical expansion but also for cultivating a more engaged and loyal audience.

Working with Rallio to supplement our current efforts on social media has been a big help.  They quickly learned our brand voice and objectives and curated quality content that align with our goals.  It’s great to know we have a partner supporting this key part of our business.

– Brandon Clifford, Chief Operating Officer, Business Alliance, Inc.

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