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Social media myths

Top 5 Social Media Myths, Debunked

Weeding out the social media truths from social media myths can be a daunting task. With so much information — and sometimes misinformation — out there, you might not immediately know what to believe when it comes to marketing your business on social media. To

powerful content ideas

6 Powerful Content Ideas for Your Small Business

When your brand is social-media-friendly, your content ideas might come easily to you. For instance, if you are in the pet industry, that’s a no-brainer. Nobody ever tires of seeing cute animals on social media doing even the most mundane of tasks, like sitting on

growth hacks

Top 5 Social Media Growth Hacks for 2020

So you took the time to set up your social media pages for your business. Great work! What happens next is critical to your social media success, and you’ll need the right growth hacks to make an impact. Keep in mind, the single most important