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12 Days of Christmas Captions to Brighten Up Your Social Media

This is it, folks. We’re in the holiday home stretch. Now is the time to post local content and reach your followers with the 12 days of Christmas captions below.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of caption writing to help you get this content done quickly. For many businesses, that’s half the battle — creating a caption that makes sense and engages your audience. 

The other half is snapping photos or videos, but don’t worry. We’ve got that covered, too.

In a future post, we’ll break down how to write captions in more detail. For now, grab your camera, customize the Christmas captions below to your business, and start posting.

Christmas Captions, Day 1: Post a Favorite Holiday Meal

Somewhere in your phone, there’s got to be a picture of an Insta-worthy holiday meal you made or someone else did. Pull it up. Or order takeout from your favorite local business and snap a photo of your dinner tonight. In your caption, you can give the business credit and tag them, and invite engagement from your followers:

“One of my favorite dishes from [insert name of restaurant]. Post a photo of your best delicious dishes in the comments! One random winner will be selected to receive a 20% discount voucher on a future purchase!”

Fill in the blanks above with the tagged restaurant name and your discount or offer of choice.

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Christmas Captions, Day 2: Post a Gift Guide

What products do you sell that you can suggest as gifts? Snap some photos! If you have a service-based business, take photos of the results of your work, or you heading out on a job, or a before-and-after shot. 

If you offer gift cards, create a fun display showing a gift card surrounded by holiday decorations. Here’s a sample caption for a product-based business:

“Still looking for that special gift for your mom, brother or bestie? A gift card is the perfect way to let your loved ones choose their own surprise. Grab yours online at [web address], or order through our app for quick curbside pickup.”

Customize the above according to your usual ordering options. If you don’t offer curbside pickup currently, consider offering it.

Christmas Captions, Day 3: Share a Christmas Memory

Dig up a photo of holidays past. Go back as far as your childhood if you like. Describe what’s going on in the photo. Here’s an option:

“Here I am at age 5 in 1987 paying Santa a visit. What do you think I asked for that year?”

Simple as that. If you like, you can pick a winner if anyone guesses correctly.

Christmas Captions, Day 4: Share a Tradition

What’s one of your holiday traditions? Making homemade cocoa and watching Christmas movies? Baking cookies? Looking at Christmas lights? Tell your followers about it!

“One of my favorite holiday traditions is baking Christmas cookies with my family. Here’s this year’s creations! Post your own photos of your favorite traditions in the comments.”

Christmas Captions, Day 5: Give to Charity

At this time of year, there are many local organizations collecting food, toys or essential goods for those in need. Pool your resources and see if you can make a big impact on one of these groups. Take a photo of something you plan to donate, and add a caption such as the following:

“We are currently collecting new, unused toys for [name of charity]. These toys will go directly to local families in need.”

Be sure to post any other details such as the specifications for types of toys and deadlines for donating. Take some photos on the day of your donation as well!

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Christmas Captions, Day 6: Take a Team Photo

Gather together with your team and take a photo in front of your location, or inside by your holiday decorations. If gathering is not possible, post a throwback photo instead. Here’s a caption:

“We’re so grateful for our dedicated team members, who work tirelessly every day to serve our valued customers. Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season from all of us at [your company name].” 

Christmas Captions, Day 7: Post a Challenge

Pick a favorite Christmas movie of yours and a quote from the movie. Turn it into a fun graphic design using a free tool like or your graphic design program of choice. Don’t include the movie title — instead, have your followers guess the movie!

“Name that movie! The first person to guess correctly wins [your choice of freebie or discount].” 

If you prefer, you can pick a riddle and have your followers try to guess the answer. Check out a few ideas here.

Christmas Captions, Day 8: Post Your New Year’s Resolutions

Are you hoping to run a marathon in 2021? Or learn to cook? Or volunteer more? Snap a selfie and tell your followers all about your resolutions!

“In 2021, I’d like to run my first marathon — even if it means running it on my own in my hometown! What are your New Year’s resolutions? Post them in the comments!”

Christmas Captions, Day 9: Post a Travel Memory

Have a favorite travel photo from holidays past? Tell your followers about a travel destination you can’t wait to visit again.

“Paris, circa 1998. Looking forward to traveling again soon! What’s on your travel bucket list?”

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Christmas Captions, Day 10: Film a Video

Record a Christmas greeting for your followers! Send them some goodwill and cheer for the holidays. Pair it with a caption that will encourage them to click and watch, such as:

“My Christmas wish for all of you — plus a surprise coming in 2021!”

For that “surprise,” it could be a hint at a new product launch, or any kind of fun announcement you’re willing to share.

Christmas Captions, Day 11: Post a Last-Minute Offer

Snap a photo of a few more gift ideas for last-minute shoppers! Tell them your hours and how to purchase — again, consider contactless options such as curbside pickup or local doorstep delivery.

“Still have a few more gifts to buy? We’ve got something for everyone on your list, and we’ll be open today until 8 p.m. Order online for curbside pickup, or pick up an e-gift card in the link. Local delivery available for an additional fee.”

Christmas Captions, Day 12: Relax and Enjoy the Holidays

When the time comes to close your doors and enjoy your holiday, be sure to take a photo or two as you’re relaxing at home. Try a fireside selfie, a glass of wine to say cheers, or a simple picture of your decorations or gifts.

“From my home to yours, Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!”

Customize Your Captions

The above captions and ideas are a starting point to help you fill your page with engaging content this holiday season. Feel free to tweak them as needed to suit your business and preferences.

And from all of us at Rallio, we wish you the happiest of holidays.

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